v0.2.8 the Performance patch!

Hey everyone, I hope your holidays were as awesome as ours! We’re back with a really great patch. We weren’t able to complete the new routes screen yet, mainly because we decided that adding in some new cargoes and redoing passengers a bit should be done first. That way we only have to change the routes screen around once instead of twice.

This patch mainly focuses on performance! It’s been one of the biggest complaints from users. The game just starts performing really poorly in mid game. We combined some really aggressive LODs on the ships with some code tricks and cleanups on the route lines to SIGNIFICANTLY imrpove mid and late game fps. I’m talking like it should be night and day for many of you! Can’t wait to hear some reports back on how it performs for you all. Please let us know! This DOES NOT fix the lag in the ships screen, that is a completely separate issue, but something that we hope to fix soon also.

This patch also includes a good number of bug fixes and small quality of life improvements. I really hope this, all put together, increases the play-ability of the game a lot! Thank you for your continued support and patience. And as promised… the patch notes!

-Combined AI route lines resulting in huge performance gains mid and late game.
-Made more aggressive LODs for ships increasing performance by about 15% across the board.
-Increased performance by an additional ~3% and made the ship scaling effect work better and more efficiently.
-Increased performance by ~2% in system view by optimizing sunlight calculations.
-Fixed a ship size exploit when upgrading ships.
-Ships can no longer be sold while waiting for repairs in space.
-Rockets can no longer be built on planets not on their selected route.
-Ships can no longer be build on planets in systems they can’t reach.
-The tool-tip for planet population now shows weekly net gains or losses for child births and deaths.
-If a planetoid goes into famine or dehydration, all passengers should cancel their travel plans there.
-Famine and dehydration notifications are now separate.
-The company name is color-coded when hovering over a ship now.

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