Security and Maintenance in Interstellar Transport Company

Months ago when we had most major systems in place for Interstellar Transport Company we noticed that there was a problem…  The game was just not that fun!  This is quite obviously a huge problem and we set out to figure out why.  Chris and I sat down with the game for a couple hours and really thought about what was missing, afterall, we were setting up routes, buying ship, having to decide which ship was best for the job, watch which routes were profitable, make sure the populations of the different planets all liked us and so on..  This was all engaging and entertaining for a little while, but I could not honestly say that I would sit for hours and play the game with a smile on my face.  What we finally decided was missing was external challenges.  All the challenges that the player was facing were internal and wholly within the player’s ability to control with simple decisions.

We set out to find a way to bring some external challenges to the game.  The most highly requested feature from reddit and twitter users up to this point had been Pirates, so we thought that was an amazing place to start!  Chris and I also decided that ship breakdowns would be a wonderful way of giving the players some much needed strife to deal with.  Both of these challenges come along with some important decisions to make such as whether or not to build a security station at a planet, and how big of a station you need.  Whether or not you should build a maintenance hangar on a planet and how big of a hangar you need.  Also ship reliability is now a thing and will play a big role in deciding which ship to buy.  You don’t want to leave a ship broken down a long way away from the nearest maintenance hangar!


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